Monday, July 30, 2012

How About Your Personal Style?

Maybe we should take a look at this

The thing about humans, is that we get too caught up in our minds sometimes, and actually forgetting the real life in front of us, we forget to do stuff, we forget to act on what actually matters.

We are too afraid to change, too afraid to make a difference. We keep trying to blend in, to be as good as the person next to us, to keep up with other people. The problem with keeping up, is that you will never outpace anyone. You will always get left behind if you only try to "keep up"

This is turning into a personal rant, so I'll stop right here, and suggest that we START ACTING. Good day everyone.

-The Dilly Chic-


Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Wall

My posts are getting off topic, but I have to write about this one. This is important not only to women, but to everyone in general.

Motivational Wall
My wall in my old room

That was a part of my wall in my old rented room.

The rest of the walls were covered with my treasures, a badly hand drawn world map, a big piece of doodling paper for anger purposes, a picture of my favorite car....

They are my treasures, and when I had to move, these are the first things that I thought of.
"What am I gonna do with these?" I can't throw them away, so I put it in my friend's room next door until I can settle in my new place later.

Why is this such a big deal to me? The wall, as I like to call it, reminds me of the times when I wrote and created each piece of the puzzle. When I look at a certain piece of post-it, I remember the reason I wrote that certain piece, I flash back to the time I wrote it, and how I felt back then. Each writing means something.  So every time I feel like crap, I look at my wall, read a piece according to my situation at the time, remembered the loop of feeling playing all over again, take a deep breath, and move on.

It goes on like that every time, every single time...

That particular wall helps me so much in life. It cuts down the time I need to sulk and blame the world. 

It helps me.

So why don't you make one and help future you. Future you will be so grateful that you have made that wall. Each time you feel anything, analyze your own emotion, what causes it, and what piece of advice you've once heard from another person that could possibly make you feel better if you hear it again. Or maybe a personal advice from you addressed to the future you, so he/she wouldn't make the same mistakes you just did. Write it on a piece of paper (it does NOT have to be a post-it), and tape it on the wall. 

Done. Doesn't take more than 5 minutes to do, saves you hundreds of minutes of blues later on. If I may suggest, you should do it in colorful, clear, and fun font. I mean, the whole point is to cheer you up, not to confuse yourself with "What the hell did I wrote?" situation.

-The Dilly Chic-


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Music and the soul

"Do you like music?"
"I don't know, do you like breathing?"
They're lines from a movie I can't exactly recall, but please tell me if you know them. My point is, everybody love music. When they say they don't or "well, sometimes I listen to them, but not that much", either A) They're lying or B) They haven't found their taste yet.

Arcade Fire

So those who have found their "music soulmate" should be grateful, very grateful.  I myself noticed that my taste changes variably. I used to listen to angry, lashing out at life music, then to the more mainstream side, and lately some good indie electropop/ indie bands.

My taste of music is pretty much stuck a year or so. I could never be able to keep up with everything all at once. But I enjoy this so called method better, I have more time to absorb the music, get high (non alcoholic and drug free high), listen it a couple hundred times more, and move on.

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs - Music and the soulAngels and Airwaves - Love Part 2 - Music and the soul

The Temper Trap - Conditions - Music and the soulNiki & the Dove - Instinct - Music and the soul

Still not moving on from these albums, they struck my soul too much, they touch my melancholic, deep silence mode too much.

I'm sure we all have some songs and artists that make us unable to move on from them (for God knows what reasons), but for me, I'm still gonna keep looking.

-The Dilly Chic- 


Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's Sunday!

What are you doing on Sundays?

I personally choose this day to quit from the usual activities I do (not really quit, just taking a breather). I don't quit blogging or maintaining my website though, they're my babies.

When I do get bored from doing those things though, I simply move my laptop to the nearest coffee place (why do you have to be the nearest, Starbucks?!), or pick some stuff at the mall, or just catching up with some friends. This particular Sunday I might spend it to hunt a good lip gloss, though. :)

What are you doing on Sundays?

Oh, and happy Sunday, everyone! Have a great one!
-The Dilly Chic-


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Let's Talk Shoes...

Shall we?
There are so many new birth of shoes that I honestly can't keep up with all of them. Seriously, you have to admit that there are so many kinds of shoes that you can't mention what they're called.

Most likely our basic knowledge of shoe types include flats, heels, sandals, wedges, and ... That's it. To me at least, that's as far as I know concerning shoes.

Soooo, my curiosity urges my to find out more about these new types of shoes so I won't miss out. *Note that some of these may not be new to you, but they are to me! Feel free to judge :)

Clog Heels, I'm pretty sure I've seen this kind a while back, but they seem to boom again lately, so I'll put it here
Clog Heels - New types of shoes
Clog Heels with Slingbacks


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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Problems with Short Hair

Hair issue is the most common one we face every day. Bad curl, hair fall, dandruff, and so on. That's why most women decide to chop off their hair short. Shorter hair means shorter problems right? Not really.

Even though short hair takes care of some problems, like hair fall and split ends, it doesn't solve everything. Mostly when you just have your newly cut hair, you will get rid of old hair problems, but then you realize that you have new issues to deal with.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Overdone Makeup Mistakes

We've seen people with very off the hook makeup. Should we blame them for looking like that?

Even though I do agree that everyone has their own style, and nobody else have the right to judge them, it's still unacceptable to put on so many colors on your face. Poor face.

Overdone Make up



Saturday, July 7, 2012

List of Make Up Must Haves

Wearing make up is necessity for women. It's necessary to hide that under eye sack because that neighbor's (or your) dog couldn't stop yapping all night, or maybe because of that awful pimple or brown complexion that messes up your day. Either way, makeups are necessary. Even if you don't have these problems, you will need these to look fresher, to look bright, because all day of working, looking gloomy, and perhaps sweating is not going to impress anyone.

For those of us who don't have an hour to do makeup, I'm gonna list the most essential make up that everyone should have. I conduct this list with help from my peers, they're not professionals, but they are all make up savvy. But isn't that what we need? Someone who actually knows what normal people need.  

Must Have Make up
Here's the list of makeup must haves:
1. Compact powder; when possible, I use foundation and powder separately, but some of us don't have the time to apply something twice, so I'd like to use the two in one cake powders, that provide foundation and powder in one compact. You might want to choose a color that is one shade warmer than your skin tone. I recommend NARS Powder Foundation. You actually can go for the liquid or the powder, they're both amazing, just be picky about the color. Darker is always better than paler. Always.

NARS Powder Foundation

2. Eyeliners and eye shadows; do I even need to mention these? For all day workers, I highly suggest the waterproof ones. Black, dark brown, or navy are my top options, and I especially love NARS Eyeliner Stylo, they're amazing for the price offered.  I've always loved the idea of a stylo rather than the liquid-brush applied ones. The pencils are great too if you're looking for more of a blend in colors with the shadows.

eyeliner stylo
NARS Eyeliner Stylo

For the shadows I can suggest BH Cosmetics 6 Color Eyeshadow Pro (image below). Again, it's very affordable for the quality it provides. You can personally customize the palette to your liking. When customizing, I would suggest mixing some matte and shimmers in your palette. An amazing warm combo for the summer and fall is purple and gold. You can pick the rest to your liking, of course. Fell free to ask me if you need any opinion, though!

BH Cosmetics 6 Color Eyeshadow Pro

3. Nude and bright colored lipstick; Use nude when applying heavy color eye makeup, and use the bright when you're too lazy to make perfect shades on the eyes. One thing to keep in mind: if the eye is heavy, the lips go light, and vice versa. You can also use gloss for more sassy look. For the nude one, I can recommend Rouge Unlimited Lipstick Collection from Shu Uemura, I suggest the medium fuchsia (the fourth one in the pink section), or the medium grapefruit pink (second one on the coral section). Choosing nude lip colors is not as easy as you might think, since each of us has different natural lip colors. If your lips is naturally pink/pale, I suggest the coral one, and if your lip is rather darker/richer in color naturally, the nude pink will work better.

Shu Uemura Medium Fuchsia
Medium Fuchsia
shu uemura lipstick medium grapefruit pink
Medium Grapefruit Pink

4. Nude brown and pink blush; By brown, I mean you can choose something that's a shade or two darker than your skin tone. You can use the brown for more formal occasions, as they will emphasize your cheek bones and give you more sense of authority (true story!). The pink one, you can have fun with it, use it on casual days, beach day, or anything else. For blushes, I can recommend NARS Cosmetics Cream Blush, choose Lokoum for the reddish pink tone, and Constantinople for the rich dark brown shade.

NARS cream blush
NARS Cream Blush - Lokoum

5. Black and translucent mascara; Translucent mascara are very useful when your lashes are already thick, but they're also good when you're aiming for a less dramatic look. Try e.l.f. Essential Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara, they cost $1.00, you probably can't find a better deal for the quality. I haven't owned one myself but some of my friends own them and I gave one a try. Great price for the quality and vice versa. The black cost only $3.00 if you're curious. Black or navy mascaras are good when you need to spice things up a little.

Eye Makeup
That's it! Too simple? Yeah, life should be simple. I'm sure there are someone who would prefer I put eye and lip primer as a must have here, but then again, most of us don't have that much time.

Last tips: To make your eye shades last longer, apply liquid foundation on eyes and don't cover it with powder. For the lips, after first application, press your lips to a cloth/ tissue paper, then reapply.

-The Dilly Chic-

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Dash of Excitement

Do you know how it feels like taking risks and jumping and leaping towards your goal?
I felt it a couple of times in my life, and it felt good.
The blend of fear and passion is just addicting.
Most people think the hurdle comes from disapproving people. IT'S NOT. The hurdle come from yourself.
You know you don't need to listen to negative influences, but you still do.

Those who take risks have the power to change and feel change, and those who don't will remain stagnant.

-The Dilly Chic-


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Karma is a Bitch...

Only if we are too! Respect other people the way we would demand respect from them.
Happy Sunday everyone!


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