Friday, November 16, 2012

Through the eyes - The Second Sanctuary

We all know that place where creative juices seem to flow without end. So you just sit there at that one super inspiring spot, and every great ideas in the world seem to come to your head. Let me tell you that this place is NOT one of those spots.

This is the place where procrastination happens, where tears hid and waited to flow, where smoke used to fill the air, and you could hear the sound of doodling on a paper. 

I'm being too poetic here.

I simply want to share my view of the world, from my own room. I know I can tell about a person a lot just by looking at their room. So I'm showing you mine ;) (rented room anyway)

The second part of The Wall

Also the place where stuff like this happen

And this...

It's thrilling to be able to share my view of the world, and as crazy as it sounds, my room is a big, BIG part of the world for me. This is my world. Thanks IFB for partnering up with Lookmatic to hold this project for us bloggers. Super excited to enter it! Crossing my fingers and hope that I'll win! ;)

In case you wanna take a sneak peek at Lookmatic's products, here are some that caught my eye




Have a great day everyone!

-The Dilly Chic-



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The Dilly Chic: Through the eyes - The Second Sanctuary

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Through the eyes - The Second Sanctuary