Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A love that never wears out is like...

Clothes that never go out of style. Catchy, huh? So here's the thing about this post, I'm recently (yeaaaaaah, so recent) tired with the everchanging trend. While I was just thinking and considering on some pieces of clothing to buy, the WHOLE world already shifted to something else. If I just keep mindlessly buying what's hot or what's in season, my money would flew away like yellow leaves on the burning sea, and so is my unique style. That's why I'm very (VERY) cautious of what I buy, always overthinking a little. Perhaps at the end of the day I end up buying nothing because nothing suit me.

Jesus Christ.

Nooo, I'm not complaining or anything (yeah right), it's just that sometimes I wish time would be nicer and slow down a little. Don't change too crazy much, please! My point is, I just wish there's something that stays, something that can last forever. Outfits that never go out of style. So the ideas of timeless style has always been flattering for me. That's why this post was made!

The casual chic, the timeless classic (white shirt, leather jacket, flared jeans, heels/flats)
Too lazy to dress up? Happens to me on a daily basis. Throw in your most comfortable white shirt, leather jacket, flared jeans, and heels (if you're feeling a little fancy) or flats (coffee shop much?). Oh and a tote bag to carry all your lady stuff. Here are some ideas (and where I found them)

White shirt: T-Shirt Jelena
Leather jacket: Claire Leather Moto Jacket
Nude pumps: MICHAEL KORS Women's York Platform
Red suede flats: Steve Madden Women's Vegasss

Warm and comfy (loose sweater, skinny jeans, boots)
The idea of a white shirt and skinny jeans always haunts me, but then again how do shirts stand against such weather these days? I'll just say that sweaters and jumpers really do the trick, you know, chic and all warmy comfy. Pair them with your boots and you're set. Maybe throw in your favorite big earrings as well?

Sweater: Oversize Ribbed Jumper Mango
Skinny jeans: Second Skin Jeans - Light Wash
Boots: Madden Girl Women's Zandora

Cool and effortless (any oversized jacket/coat, loose fit top, ruffled shorts, ankle boots)
We all like to look cool, sassy, and oh-so-terribly chic at the same time. Right? Also throw in any crossbody bag you might have and voila!

Anorak: Enlisted Anorak
Coat: Burgundy Flare Coat
Ruffled shorts: Z Boys Cutoff Shorts
Ankle boots: Becan Nude Suede

There you go, hope you dig it! What's your kind of timeless style?

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Eyeshadow Illustration - Lacoste Unconventional Chic

This one is from Lacoste's latest Unconventional Chic ad (saw it on Bazaar Indonesia), and was completely taken ablaze by the model's cool cold stare.

-The Dilly Chic-


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Eyeshadow Illustration - YSL Woman

This one is inspired from Garance Dore's photo of the new Yves Saint Laurent Woman collection, you can find her post here. Enjoy! :)

ysl illustration

-The Dilly Chic-


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Matahari Fashion Award

Since this one concerns a local competition I'm entering, I'll post in Bahasa... for the first time! (I'll translate as well!)

Jadi kisahnya kali ini saya mengikuti kompetisi fashion blogger dari Jakarta Fashion Week yang disponsori oleh Matahari Deptartment Store, dan tentunya saya berminat (saaaangat) untuk mengikuti dan memenangkannya.
So this time I'm entering a fashion blogger competition from Jakarta Fashion Week sponsored by Matahari Department Store, and of course I'm anxious (veeeery) to take part and win.

Tidak ada tema khusus untuk loma ini, jadi saya memutuskan untuk mengambil tema yang paling saya cintai, yaitu unique fun dan cool casual. Kami diperbolehkan untuk membuat 3 kreasi style maksimal, dan saya memutuskan untuk membuat 2 kreasi, karena toh memang ada dua tema yang ingin saya kreasikan.
There's no particular theme for this competition, so I decided to take on the theme dearest to me... which is unique fun and cool casual. We're allowed to post 3 styles maximum, so I decide to create 2... well since there are two themes I want to do anyway...

Style #1 - Unique fun! Yay!

Top- inner : Nevada
Top - outer : Seventeen
Shorts: Connexion
Shoes: Nevada
Bag : warisan ibunda tercinta (my mom's legacy)
Socks unbranded


side cut

Bagi mereka yang mungkin mempertanyakan betapa canggungnya sesi foto ini... jawabannya... ya, sangat canggung, SANGAT. Saya yakin level apresiasi saya kepada para blogger, model, dan fotografer telah meningkat drastis, mungkin yang sebelumnya hanya level 6, sekarang mungkin naik menjadi 9,5; level 10 tetap hanya diperuntukkan bagi pemerintah yang tidak korupsi (yang saya yakin hanya mitos).
For those who wonder how awkward the photoshoot was... the answer is... yes, it was awkward, VERY. I'm pretty sure my level of appreciation for bloggers, models, and photographers has increased dramatically, perhaps from level 6 to 9.5 ; level 10 is solely for clean, uncorrupted goverment (which I know is a myth).

Style #2 - Cool Casual

Top - inner : Nevada 
Top - outer : Details
Jeans : Nevada Stylee
Shoes : Nevada
Bag : warisan kakak tercinta (my sister's legacy)

purple leopard flats

Foto close-up sepatu Nevada. Flats ungu dengan leopard print, solid tapi tetap dengan sentuhan feminine. So chic...
Close up shoot of the Nevada shoes. Purple flats with leopard print, solid but still hold the feminine touch. So chic...

Yah begitulah, saya sudah bicara tentang bagaimana canggungnya sesi ini bukan? Ucapan terima kasih terbesar bagi Agnes Tangka, teman yang setia membantu walaupun mood saya lebih labil daripada gadis yang baru pubertas, Dian Situmorang selaku fotografer baik hati, dan Juli Purwantoro yang membantu dengan ide kreatif dan lokasi. 
Well that's about it, I've mentioned how awkward the session was, right? My biggest gratitude goes for Agnes Tangka, a really great friend who helps in all situation, even though my mood swing is worse than a girl entering puberty, Dian Situmorang for being a very kind photographer, and Juli Purwantoro, for providing help with creative ideas and location.

-The Dilly Chic-

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