Friday, September 7, 2012

Mint vs Neon, Which Green Are You?

So the last few seasons "it" colors are mint green and neons. For some reason we never stray that much afar from those two colors now, don't we? Since the designers somehow decide to put one color as the boom color, we all follow. Not that I hate their choice, but it's just a view we need to look at, folks :)

Anyway, I'm not here to rebel against their choices, quite contrary actually. I want to lay out both greens on the table for all of us to look and admire. Here are some stuff I personally loooove, I'll write down where I found them (and the prices, so you wouldn't have a heart attack) below the pics. Enjoy!

Lime Green Vans, $39.99 at
Colette Envelope Clutch, $38.00 at
Mint Hampton Cutout Shirt $26.60 at
DIY (not by me) MINT CAKE, YAY!

Green Scuba Seamed Mini Dress, $48.99 at
Patent Platform Sneaker, $145.00 at
Electric Pop Messenger Bag, $58.00 at
Pop Color Filgree Earrings, $9.50 at

Those are some of my desires and recommendations. There are many more great stuff with high end brands, but then again they would be at higher end prices and... the rest is history. I really just list some of the stuff tht I find lovely and affordable with real money. Hope you enjoy it!

-The Dilly Chic-

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The Dilly Chic: Mint vs Neon, Which Green Are You?

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Mint vs Neon, Which Green Are You?