Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hair Makeover!

Virtual, that is. So the other day I spent about 4 hours (4 HOURS! OH WHY...) "trying on" different hairstyles sported by A-Listers. At first I was feeling like a retard, because to be honest, I'm seriously not the kind of person who would do, um, virtual makeovers. If we want to change something, I think we should just do it!

BUT! I actually found this thing to be quite interesting -hence the 4 hours, duh- and actually gives me a rough idea of what I want my hair to be. Right now I have a sidecut, with the rest of the hair being somewhere around chin's length. After the long hours of trying on different styles, feeling stupid, thinking "oh god, I have something better to do than this", and serious considering some of the styles, I actually come up with a decision for future hairstyle.

Still a sidecut, but with longer hair, perhaps a little below the chest. Hmm the examples I can think of are Avril Lavigne and Cher Lloyd. According to my "makeover", I look quite good with such hair. I don't trust my own decision, though, but well, at least I have a plan.

If you're one of the skeptics (like myself), you SHOULD try one of these silly makeovers. You will feel super awkward at first, but you will find it will actually help you get a cut you want! I did mine at, here's the link if you're interested: .

So, big thank you to InStyle for wasting 4 great hours of my life! I hate you not, InStyle...

-The Dilly Chic-



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The Dilly Chic: Hair Makeover!

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Hair Makeover!