Saturday, June 30, 2012

Break Out From the Box, Find Your Inner Chic!

We're all different, too different, perhaps. But the common practice is that people always put us into "boxes". Popularity box, look box, racial box, financial box, among many other cardboard boxes out there. There are too many boxes and we're used to being placed inside them. It doesn't have to be that way, though. No, it SHOULD NOT be that way. Once we're being categorized to a certain level, we don't know how to break out anymore, and we lost it. BAM! We just lost ourselves, we plunged into the box and stayed there.

Break Out from the Box
Open the box and get out!

When I was in middle school, I remember having fellow female friends who literally didn't care about what they wore. They have this "as long as I'm not wearing holey pants to the mall it's fine" principal. I was a lot like them back then. So I know how that felt, it felt like that was the box intended for me, so I didn't bother looking for something else. I thought that was my fate to be like that. But needless to say, it's nobody's fate to be anything. You can always do something to get away from prejudice.

So if you used to be scared to wear neon shoes with pink top, do it! Seriously! It's not intended to be chic of course, it's to help you feel different, to give you the feel that it's actually okay to be different. All you get is the useless glaring look from people while they were thinking "how could she be so brave?".

You might think this advice is useless, well, IT'S NOT. Breaking out little by little will gives you the incentive of always making room for something new, for creativity, for new ideas, for being brave to try something different, all of which are crucial characteristics for facing life. Interested? Try it! 

Be different - Taylor Swift quote

I'm going to repeat my title: BREAK OUT FROM THE BOX AND FIND YOUR INNER CHIC! Seriously, that inner chic needs some serious help. Do it a favor, ask how she's doing and do what she wants.

-The Dilly Chic-

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The Dilly Chic: Break Out From the Box, Find Your Inner Chic!

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Break Out From the Box, Find Your Inner Chic!